How to Wash Your Boat on a Lift

How to Wash Your Boat on a LiftOne of the greatest benefits of owning a boat lift is that it makes nearly everything about your boating lifestyle more convenient. For example, getting out on the water is a task you can achieve in minutes with the simple press of a button and returning to the dock is equally easy, as you won’t have to deal with trailering your vessel and driving it to storage.

Additionally, one of the most tedious tasks associated with owning a boat – cleaning – is faster and easier with a boat lift. When stored in the water, a boat can experience corrosion and organism growth on its hull due to extended saltwater or freshwater exposure. Of course, it’s impossible to clean the hull while the vessel is in the water, which requires it be removed from time to time for cleaning. However, between these cleanings, the hull of the boat may be incurring damage. With a lift system, the hull is kept above the waterline when the vessel is not in use which not only prevents organism growth, so there’s less to clean, but also makes it easy to access the hull for a rinse after each use.

DECO Boat Lifts proudly offers a variety of lift systems to suit the unique needs of nearly any watercraft owner. For example, we offer a Beamless Lift that is free of overhead beams, making it even easier to perform maintenance tasks while the boat is docked. To learn more about our boat lifts, contact us today.