How to Use Your Boat Lift

Boat LiftBoat lifts are simple to use and, although there are many different types of lift systems with small variations in how they operate, they mostly work in a similar way. Typically, your boat will rest on a set of bunk boards attached to a cradle that can be lowered and raised easily by pressing a button that is either on a control panel on the dock or a remote control. To take your boat out on the water, simply lower the cradle of your lift system until the bunk boards are completely submerged and your watercraft is floating freely. Then back your watercraft away from the lift system.

You can choose to leave the bunk boards submerged in the water when you leave the dock or raise them to avoid extended saltwater exposure. However, if you choose to raise them, you’ll need to lower them again before lifting your watercraft. If you have a remote control to activate the motor, this can be done as you approach the lift. Otherwise, you’ll need to pull alongside the dock and climb out to lower the cradle. With the bunk boards submerged, simply position your vessel in between them and then lift the cradle until the hull of your boat is above the waterline.

Boat lifts not only make a convenient storage option, allowing you to get out on the water and return with ease. They also are one of the most effective ways of preventing costly damage to the hull of your vessel. At DECO Boat Lifts, we are proud to be one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, and offer exceptionally durable and reliable lift systems with advanced features. Contact us today to learn more.