I have been exceedingly remiss for not sending you a note detailing my satisfaction with your company and you personally. It’s beginning to be very rare when a company can be counted on to not only provide an ex-ceedingly high quality product, but to follow up with service after the sale.. You and Deco Lifts have exceeded my expectations in every way. Prior to making die decision to purchase your lift I inquired about a number of lifts produced by…
Ronald E. Scindle
I want to thank you and your team again for manufacturing a 25K lift for my 42’ Freeman. I appreciate the time you spent manufacturing a custom bunking system to perfectly fit my Freeman’s hull. The boat lifts perfectly! Also, you we’re right that the CRS system works like a charm! I will be recommending your team to all of my neighbors. (who all need new lifts!)
David Batson
I have been installing boat lifts for over 20 years and DECO is by far the best boat lift manufacturing company in the country. Their staff is friendly, they stand behind their product, and they find a solution when other lift companies can’t. I highly recommend you contact DECO for all of your boat lift needs.  
John Ryan
The ramps you built for the Nathan Benderson Park float docks are installed and look terrific! There should be more raves about them at the regatta this weekend. We appreciate the time and effort it took to build such a fine product, it took the concerted effort of everyone involved.  Your attention to detail is nothing short of amazing.
Glen Kinley
Hello Mike, The 16,000 lbs elevator lift that I bought from you worked out really well. We found it to be well constructed, heavy duty and a nice project for us to install. Just what we were looking for. Thank you. Kind regards, a happy customer.
Hans Ensink
As a Marine Contractor it’s nice to know that whenever I need something, no matter how big or small the job, DECO will always pull through flawlessly! Thanks again and keep up the great work!
Kevin McNamara