A PWC Lift Can Put Fun Within Reach at Your Cocoa Beach, FL, Property

In Cocoa Beach, Florida, where water activities are a way of life, owning a personal watercraft (PWC) is all about embracing the thrill of the waves. However, when you’re not enjoying your watercraft on the open waters, you need a secure and convenient means to store your vessel. That’s where DECO Boat Lifts can help. Our state-of-the-art PWC lifts are engineered to prolong the useful life of your jet ski, so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Our PWC Docking Systems

At DECO Boat Lifts, we carry an extensive selection of PWC docking systems designed to suit various PWC models and sizes. Choose from our:

  • 1,500 lbs. PWC lift, featuring an all-aluminum construction and available in stationary and swinger configurations
  • 1,500 lbs Maxi PWC lift, featuring a superior box beam aluminum construction that is suitable for seawall or piling mount applications
  • 4,000 lbs Dual PWC lift, ideal for lifting two PWCs at once

Our lifts are built with durability and reliability in mind, ensuring your PWC is safe and secure while not in use.

Enhancing Our Jet Ski Lifts

We also offer an array of optional features and upgrades for our personal watercraft hoists, including:

  • A 11 ½” x 10’ aluminum PWC walkway, providing stable and convenient access
  • Extended track options for various dock configurations, ensuring a seamless integration with your waterfront setup
  • The option to upgrade our Maxi PWC lifts with our Cable Retention System (CRS), available in single or double track setups, for added cable protection and longevity
  • TEC remote control, making launching and docking a breeze

Reach Out Today

Contact DECO Boat Lifts today for more information about the PWC lifts we offer in Cocoa Beach, FL. During our conversation, we’ll also tell you about how we’ll protect your investment with a five-year warranty. Your water adventures are just a lift away!