PWC Lifts Are a Wise Investment for Watercraft Enthusiasts in Bradenton, FL

PWC lifts provide personal watercraft owners in Bradenton, Florida, with a means to safeguard their vessels and enhance their waterfront living experience. Protecting your PWC from the corrosive effects of saltwater after each use is paramount, as doing so can help prevent costly issues like hull blistering and the growth of unwanted organisms. With a PWC lift from DECO Boat Lifts, you can say goodbye to the laborious chore of trailering and transporting your watercraft to storage; instead, you can effortlessly load it onto your lift.

Our Personal Watercraft Hoists

When you choose DECO Boat Lifts for a lifting system, rest assured that you’re making a valuable investment. We’re proud to offer PWC lifts that:

  • Come in various configurations, including stationary lifts and elevator lifts, to cater to the unique requirements of your docking setup
  • Are crafted from marine-grade aluminum and outfitted with stainless steel hardware, ensuring unmatched durability
  • Are capable of lifting up to 4,000 lbs. and accommodating two personal watercrafts for the ultimate convenience

To accommodate the preferences and budgets of a wide range of watercraft owners, our PWC lifts are designed with two distinctive drive systems. The Maxi Lift, one of our most popular products, is renowned for its affordability and reliability, featuring a robust aluminum flat plate drive system. Watercraft owners can also opt for our Concept CRS Lift, which boasts an impressive direct drive system and our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) for consistently precise cable winding.

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