PWC Lift Systems for Tampa, Charleston, Miami, Houston, and All Cities in Between

PWC liftIf you love your wave runner, jet ski, or other personal watercraft, investing in a PWC lift can allow you to keep it protected while still letting you hit the water at a moment’s notice. As a leading manufacturer of boat lift systems, DECO Boat Lifts has extensive experience in designing PWC lifts that can provide outstanding performance and withstand harsh marine environments. Our PWC hoists can travel 8’-10’ of vertical distance, support 1,500 or 4,000 lbs. of weight, and hold up to two PWCs. We offer these systems in a variety of configurations, including elevator lifts, stationary lifts, and rotating lifts, with mounting systems for both seawalls and pilings.

Our standard Maxi PWC lift systems are a highly economical option, with marine-grade aluminum I-beam construction, a heavy-duty aluminum flat plate drive system, and grooved cable winders. With our advanced Concept CRS boat lift system, you can enjoy even greater performance, thanks to its innovative Concept Direct Drive gearbox, Cable Retention System (CRS) that provides a perfect wrap every time, and box-beam construction, which provides bi-directional support.

Whichever type of PWC lift is right for you and your watercraft, you can also choose to outfit it with a number of optional features, including:

  • Aluminum walkways for easier access to vessels
  • Remote controls to make docking easier in changing tides
  • Deck platforms to allow your PWC lift to seamlessly integrate with your dock
  • And more

To find out more about the PWC lift options available from DECO Boat Lifts, contact us today. We also offer a variety of other specialty lift systems, including pontoon lifts, catamaran lifts, v-cradle sailboat lifts, and boat house lifts.