How Does a Pontoon Boat Lift Work?

Pontoon Boat Lift If you own a pontoon boat and are looking for a convenient way to store it when it is not in use, then a lift system is likely the best option. A boat lift will keep the pontoons from experiencing extended saltwater exposure, which will prevent corrosion, organism growth, and other potentially costly issues. Obviously a standard lift system for a mono-hull vessel won’t do; however, lift systems are available for pontoon boats of all sizes.

A pontoon boat lift only differs from a standard lift in its configuration. Instead of a single set of bunk boards, there are at least two to support each pontoon. However, it operates the same way. The bunk boards are attached to a cradle that is suspended between a set of dockside pilings. To take your boat out on the water, simply lower the cradle until the pontoons are floating freely. Upon returning to the dock, your pvc guide posts will position the pontoons over each set of bunk boards and raise the vessel out of the water.

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