How to Correctly Put a Boat on a Lift                  

Boat Lift

Parking a boat on a lift system is a simple process that takes only a short time to master. Not all boat lifts are configured the same way, and you should carefully observe the instructions provided by your lift system’s manufacturer. However, docking procedures are relatively similar regardless of the type of lift system you choose.

When not in use, your boat will rest on bunk boards, which are attached to a cradle that can be lifted and lowered with the press of a button. Taking your boat out on the water is as simple as lowering the cradle until the vessel is floating freely and then backing it away from the dock. Once you return, you’ll need to lower the cradle again until the bunk boards are fully submerged. Most lift systems will include parking guides made from PVC piping that won’t scrape your boat. This will make it easy for you to properly line up your vessel as you pull forward. Even weight distribution is important when parking, as this will prevent unnecessary wear to your lift system. For this reason, you should also take care to ensure weight is correctly distributed between the front and back of the cradle as well, which will require that you determine your boat’s center of gravity and refer to your lift system’s manufacturer specifications.

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