What is an Elevator Boat Lift?

Elevator Boat LiftElevator boat lifts are unlike standard boat lifts in a number of ways. A typical boat lift uses a set of at least four pilings that have been driven into the surface below the water. The boat lift is attached to these pilings, with the cradle centered between them. However, there are many conditions in which these pilings cannot be used. For example, pilings may not be a viable option in narrow canals or when the surface beneath the water is too hard. In some cases, waterways may simply be restricted and ban outboard pilings. In these areas, elevator lifts are an excellent solution.

There are several types of elevator lifts available to suit a variety of docking situations. These lift systems can, for instance, be mounted directly to the sea wall, a typical solution in narrow canals. Alternatively, they can be mounted to a dock or even to dockside pilings in areas where outboard pilings are not allowed. Regardless of the configuration, elevators lifts’ operation is similar to that of standard boat lifts. The boat rests on a set of bunk boards which are supported by beams that can be easily lowered and raised with the press of a button. To depart, simply lower the beams until the bunk boards are completely submerged, and to dock your boat, position the vessel above the bunk boards and raise the beams.

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