Determining Boat Lift Size

Determining Boat Lift SizeWhen purchasing a boat lift, it is imperative that you take the time to ensure you select the correct size system. Choosing a lift system that does not have the correct size and capacity will put strain on the lift, causing it to break down prematurely and possibly even damage your watercraft. Fortunately, figuring out the lift system capacity you’ll need is a simple process.

The manufacturer specifications for your boat should clearly outline its dimensions and dry weight. The dry weight does not include a full fuel tank, water carried in livewells, and other optional features that are not standard with your watercraft. Of course, you’ll also need to account for any non-factory additions and electronics as well as loose items, such as required coast guard equipment, fishing gear, and coolers. It’s best to choose a lift with a capacity in excess of the total weight, as this will leave you some room in case you misjudge the weight of any items or make any additions later on.

Additionally, you’ll need to determine the width of your boat at its widest part – called the beam. This will ensure you select an appropriately sized cradle for your boat to rest on.

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