Effortless Watercraft Access in Naples, FL, With Our Custom Deck Lifts

Time and money spent on watercraft maintenance can be a hassle, especially when faced with the corrosive effects of leaving your boat in saltwater. Fortunately, DECO Boat Lifts presents the ideal solution for watercraft enthusiasts in Naples, Florida. Our custom deck lifts not only simplify access to your vessel but also deliver unparalleled strength and durability, setting new standards for boat lift excellence.

Trust in Our DECKLift System

Boasting an impressive 16,000-pound lift capacity, our custom deck lifts effortlessly elevate boats of various sizes, keeping them high above the water to protect against hull corrosion and organism growth. The exceptional box beam aluminum construction, a distinct DECO feature, ensures remarkable durability. To further streamline vessel storage, our DECKLift Systems feature Concept Direct Drive Gearboxes, recognized as the most advanced direct gear drive units in the boatlift industry. Additionally, DECO’s patented Cable Retention System (CRS) prevents cable twisting and overlapping, extending the lifespan of your lift’s cables.

Additional Enhancements

Choosing us for your custom deck lift grants access to a range of optional features and upgrades, allowing you to tailor your lift to specific preferences. These options include:

  • A remote control with auto-stop functionality for precise and effortless boat elevation and descent.
  • Convenient and secure easy access aluminum deck attachments, ensuring swift access to your watercraft.
  • Four aluminum guides with PVC for seamless and accurate boat alignment.

Partner With Us

Do you desire easy access to your watercraft? Reach out to DECO Boat Lifts today to discover more about our custom deck lifts in Naples, FL.