Should You Buy a Cradle or Elevator Boat Lift for Your Property in Naples, FL?

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If you’ve decided to store your watercraft on a boat lift, you’re probably interested in the exceptional protection it will provide for your vessel while making outings on the water simple, safe, and convenient. However, after you’ve decided to make this investment in your waterfront property in Naples, Florida, you’ll then have to select from a wide array of lift systems. There are many types available to accommodate different styles and sizes of watercraft. You’ll also need to choose between a cradle or elevator lift, which will be determined by the space at your waterfront property.

If you own dock space, you’ll likely want to use a cradle lift. This type of system is suspended between two sets of four or more pilings extending out from the dock and is the standard choice for most properties. However, pilings can’t always be used, such as in areas where the seafloor can’t support them. In other cases, such as in narrow canals, you may not be permitted to install pilings a certain distance from the seawall. Wherever pilings can’t be used or space is limited, an elevator lift is a great solution. Its operation is similar to that of a standard cradle lift; however, it is mounted on only one side, either to a single row of piling or directly to the seawall.

DECO Boat Lifts Manufactures Elevator and Cradle Boat Lifts

Regardless of whether you choose a cradle or elevator lift for your property in Naples, FL, it is essential that your boat lift come from a reputable manufacturer with a reputation for engineering reliable, high-performance products. DECO Boat Lifts has been developing proprietary lift technology since 1959 that consistently outperforms those offered by our competitors. Contact us today to learn more.