Catamaran Lift Systems for Houston, Miami, Jacksonville, Charleston and All Cities in Between

DECO Boat Lifts is proud to offer high-performance catamaran lift solutions specially designed to support this unique type of boat. Whether your vessel is a sailboat or power boat, our engineer and lift designers have the skills needed to design a system that’s perfectly suited to your watercraft. In fact, DECO has been creating these and other boat lifts since 1959, making us one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the industry.

Our catamaran lift systems include many features that make them an ideal solution for storing these vessels. For example, the box-beam construction we use to provide bi-directional support helps ensure that your catamaran can be lifted more easily than on a traditional I-Beam lift. We can also outfit your catamaran lift with tide guides to allows for precise docking in strong currents. For larger catamarans, our innovative equalizer pulley systems can help balance weight as the vessel is raised and lowered, allowing the boat lift to achieve its maximum speed safely.

You’ll also enjoy many other features of a DECO catamaran lift, including:

  • A unique Cable Retention System that provides a perfect wrap every time
  • Sealed gearbox drives, which are permanently lubricated to be maintenance free and offer whisper-quiet operation for early morning cast-off and late night berthing
  • Stainless steel motors and other marine-grade components that can withstand humid, salty air
  • Many optional accessories that can make your boat lift suit your lifestyle

To learn more about a DECO catamaran lift for your home in Tampa, Jacksonville, Charleston, Miami or any other city, contact us today. You can also find out about our other specialty boat hoists, including pontoon lifts, PWC lifts, boat house lifts, elevator lifts  and more.