DECO Boat Lifts Offers the Industry’s Finest Lift Systems to the Residents of Myrtle Beach, SC

Boat Lifts Myrtle Beach SCAt DECO Boat Lifts, our goal is to provide the residents of Myrtle Beach and other waterfront areas of South Carolina with the ultimate in protection for their vessels. We offer three distinct products lines, the Maxi Lift, The DECO Boat Lift, and The Concept CRS Lift, making it easy for boat owners to choose the option that best suits their unique needs and budgets.

No matter which of our premium boat lifts you choose, you can rely on it to provide many years of reliable lift performance and protect your boat’s hull from organism growth and corrosion from saltwater. Our entry-level system, the Maxi Lift, is ultra-affordable yet designed to be exceptionally durable. For example, this system, like all of our lifts, is composed of marine-grade aluminum, a material which can easily maintain its structural integrity after years of use and exposure to saltwater. Plus, it features an aluminum flat-plate drive system with lift capacities of up to 16,000 lbs, so it is suitable for a wide variety of crafts.

When you choose our DECO Boat Lift, you’ll enjoy one of the smoothest, most powerful boat lifts in the industry. It’ll be easy for you to get out on the water early in the morning or late at night without disturbing your neighbors because this system is whisper quiet. What’s more, its superior gearbox design features a bronze worm gear that is completely sealed in a special blend of protective lubricants (DECO’s secret sauce), which will keep it running at peak efficiency long into the future.

The most advanced of our boat lifts, the Concept CRS lift, is packed with impressive proprietary features. This system is completely maintenance free due to its innovative drive system that delivers industry-leading power and speed without the use of belts, pulleys, or chains. Plus, you’ll never again have to worry about destructive cable overlapping or spooling because this lift comes standard with our Cable Retention System (CRS) that keeps cables locked in place even when there is no tension.

In addition to these lift systems, DECO Boat Lifts talented engineers are capable of building a number of specialty lifts for challenging docking situations. These include:

  • Beamless lifts
  • Shared piling lifts
  • Elevator lifts
  • And more

If you would like more information about having a boat lift installed at your property in Myrtle Beach, SC, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.