Premium Boat Lifts Available for Watercraft Owners in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Boat Lifts Mt. Pleasant SCDECO Boat Lifts is the leading manufacturer of premium lift systems for watercraft owners in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, and many other waterfront communities. This is because we’ve continuously tweaked our lift technology since our founding in 1959, with the goal of always engineering lift systems that are high performance, reliable, and capable of accommodating the needs of virtually any boat owner.

We offer three distinct boat lifts, so water sport enthusiasts with all different budgets in Mt. Pleasant, SC, can protect their vessels and enjoy a more fulfilling boating lifestyle. For example, if you have a limited budget and would like a premium system, our Maxi Lift may be for you. Featuring a heavy duty aluminum flat plate drive system, this lift will deliver reliable performance year after year. It also has lift capacities of up to 16,000 lbs, making it suitable for many different crafts.

Our DECO Boat Lift, like our Maxi Lift, is composed of marine-grade aluminum, which is ideally suited to a saltwater environment. However, it also has a box-beam construction that resists both vertical and horizontal twisting for added durability. And, its proprietary sealed gearbox belt drive makes it one of the quietest and most powerful boat lifts in the industry.

Our Concept CRS Lift is among the most advanced boat lifts available. Not only is its Direct Drive extremely powerful and maintenance free, but this system also comes standard with our Cable Retention System (CRS). This patented technology keeps cables in place at all times, eliminating instances of overlapping and dramatically reducing cable wear.

What’s more, our boat lifts are available in different configurations to suit individual needs and docking scenarios. These configurations include:

  • Beamless lifts
    • Four stainless steel motors delivers fast, quiet operation
    • Eliminates the need for underwater cabling to reduce wear
  • Boathouse lifts
    • Provides boats with added protection from the elements
    • Composed of marine-grade aluminum for superior strength and longevity
  • Elevator lifts
    • Can be mounted to dockside pilings or seawalls
    • Versatility that is ideal for narrow canals or other areas where pilings cannot be used

For more information about having a boat lift from the industry’s premier manufacturer installed at your property in Mt. Pleasant, SC, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.