Enjoy Exceptional Watercraft Protection With Boathouse Lifts in Virginia Beach, VA

10,000 lb DECO Lift If you desire to safeguard your vessel and enhance your waterfront lifestyle in Virginia Beach, Virginia, consider the practicality of a DECO Boat Lifts boathouse lift. As a prominent lift system manufacturer since 1959, we offer a diverse range of boathouse lift options tailored to suit your specific requirements and budget. Our boathouse lifts are expertly designed to provide secure, long-lasting protection for your watercraft, no matter what weather conditions arise.

Advantages of Owning a Boathouse Lift

Aside from shielding your boat from the elements, a boathouse lift from DECO Boat Lifts offers numerous other advantages, including:

  • Easy maintenance: With your boat hoisted out of the water, cleaning and maintenance become a breeze as you can access the hull with ease.
  • Enhanced waterfront lifestyle: Beyond boat protection, a boathouse lift adds value to your property and can serve as a covered space for outdoor enjoyment.
  • Customization options: DECO Boat Lifts presents a range of lift and drive system choices to cater to your preferences, including new and retrofitted boathouse lifts and a selection of drive systems.

Boathouse Lift Options from DECO Boat Lifts

DECO Boat Lifts provides two boathouse lift options to suit your needs:

  • New boathouse lifts are constructed using a custom roof tab application, integrating the roof as a structural component of the lift.
  • Retrofitted boathouse lifts employ custom-welded side brackets to attach a hip or gable roofing system to your existing cradle lift system.

In addition to lifting options, DECO Boat Lifts offers two of the industry’s finest boat lift drive systems to choose from. Our signature DECO Lift boasts a proprietary sealed gearbox design, ensuring quiet, reliable, and low-maintenance performance. Alternatively, our advanced Concept CRS Lift comes equipped with a direct drive and our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) to prevent cable overlapping and spooling.

To explore the array of boathouse lift options available in Virginia Beach, VA, and discover the perfect lift system for your watercraft, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.