The Premier Manufacturer of Boathouse Lift Systems for Watercraft Owners in Texas City, TX

Boathouse Lift Texas City TXDECO Boat Lifts has been manufacturing boat hoists since 1959, and we have consistently maintained a reputation for providing superior products that feature cutting-edge technology. For example, we were among the first companies to use marine-grade aluminum and have pioneered the box-beam construction to enhance the structural stability of our boat lifts. We also take pride in providing our customers in Texas City, Texas, with plenty of options, including boathouse lift systems, which provide complete protection for their watercrafts.

Benefits of Our Boathouse Lifts

DECO Boat Lifts offers an array of options to suit our customers’ specific needs and budgets. When it comes to newly constructed boathouse lifts, for example, we offer two distinct drive systems. Our signature DECO Lift is an industry favorite as it features our proprietary sealed gearbox design that ensures quiet and reliable lift operation long into the future. Or you can opt for our Concept CRS Lift that has an incredibly powerful direct drive system. The Concept CRS Lift also comes with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS), which has deeply grooved winders to keep cables in place at all times.

For newly constructed boat lifts, we use a roof tab application, which makes the gable or hip roof a structural part of the lift system. However, we also offer retrofitting solutions for existing boat lifts. We use custom-welded side brackets, enabling us to mount a roofing system into the pilings, creating a safe structure that will maintain stability, even after years of exposure to the harsh sun, driving rain, and strong winds.

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