Boathouse Lift Systems for Watercraft Owners in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Boathouse Lift Santa Rosa Beach FL

Owning waterfront property in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, means that you’re always just minutes away from enjoying adventure or relaxation on your boat. However, keeping your boat at the dock is not without downsides. From saltwater corrosion and organism growth on the hull to the deleterious effects of intense sun and rain, there are myriad potential issues that require frequent maintenance to prevent. However, if you have a boathouse lift from DECO Boat Lifts installed, you’ll enjoy complete protection for your watercraft, resulting in less need for intensive maintenance.

Our Boathouse Lift Systems

DECO Boat Lifts offers newly constructed boathouse lift options with two distinct drive systems. For example, you can opt for our signature DECO Lift, which has proprietary technology, such as our sealed gearbox design, to ensure years of quiet and trouble-free performance. Or you can choose our Concept CRS Lift with a powerful direct drive system as well our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) that prevents destructive cable overlapping and twisting.

For newly constructed boathouse lifts, we use a custom roof tab application that allows the roof to be built as a structural part of the system, achieving exceptional durability. However, we also offer a solution for existing boat lifts. Using custom-welded brackets, we can retrofit a roofing system using your existing pilings.

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In addition to boathouse lift systems, DECO Boat Lifts offers many other solutions ranging from standard cradle lifts to elevator lifts and Beamless Lift systems. To learn more about the boat lift options we offer in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, contact us today.