Premium Boathouse Lift Systems for Properties in Newberry, SC

Boathouse Lifts Newberry SCAs a watercraft owner living in the Newberry, South Carolina, area, there’s likely nothing you enjoy more than spending the day on one of the local lakes. At DECO Boat Lifts, we understand that you’ve invested a lot in your waterfront lifestyle, and we’ve engineered products to help you protect that investment. Beyond cradle boat lifts that will protect your vessel from the damaging effects of extended water exposure, we offer boathouse lifts with integrated roofing systems that will spare your vessel from the harm of continuous exposure to the sun and foul weather.

Which Boathouse Lift System Is Right for You?

For watercraft owners who have an existing boat lift, we offer an innovative solution—our side-mount application. It uses custom welded brackets to attach to the side of your pilings, thereby, creating a cohesive, durable structure that will stand up to the elements year after year. Additionally, we offer a solution for boat owners who are starting from scratch. We can construct a boathouse lift with a gable or hip roof system using a top-mounted application that maximizes overhead space.

Additionally, our boathouse lifts are available with two different drive systems, allowing you to select the option that best suits your vessel and your budget. These include our:

  • DECO Lift – Our flagship boat lift has numerous proprietary features, such as our sealed gearbox design, that enhance reliability while boosting lifting power and performance. Plus, it comes standard with a box-beam construction to prevent twisting under heavy loads.
  • Concept CRS Lift – Our advanced boat lift features a direct drive that doesn’t use belts, pulleys, or chains, thereby, reducing maintenance requirements. It also comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) that puts an end to destructive cable overlapping.

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