Benefits of Adding a Boathouse Lift to Your Waterfront Property in Gulf Shores, FL

Boathouse Lift Gulf Shores FLTo provide your vessel with the ultimate protection while it is not in use, consider having a boathouse lift installed on your property in Gulf Shores, Florida. Standard boat lifts provide effective defense from the most common sources of damage to a watercraft – saltwater corrosion and organism growth on the hull. However, with a boathouse lift from DECO Boat lifts, your lift system will have integrated roofing to also protect against inclement weather and extended sun exposure as well.

Customized Boathouse Systems

DECO Boat Lifts’ boathouse lift systems can be constructed from scratch or can be seamlessly integrated into your existing boat lift. For example, our roof tab application can be built as a structural part of a wood boathouse, whereas our side-mount application can be retrofitted using custom-welded brackets. Both of these configurations offer exceptional protection, as well as plenty of overhead space.

Additionally, our new boathouse lifts can be built with your choice of two distinct drive systems. Our DECO Lift is our most popular option, as it offers exceptionally reliable and quiet lift operation thanks to its proprietary sealed gearbox design. We also offer our advanced Concept CRS Lift, which comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System that significantly reduces cable wear. It also features a direct drive that is incredibly powerful and requires little maintenance.

Contact DECO Boat Lifts today to learn more about the advantages of having a boathouse lift installed on your property in Gulf Shores, FL.