Protect Your Boat with a Boathouse Lift in Gulf Harbor, FL

A 10,000 lb and 16,000 lb Concept CRS DECKLift with Roof Tab

If you own a boat in Gulf Harbor, Florida, you understand the importance of protecting your investment. A boat lift is a great way to keep the hull of your vessel out of the water and prevent organism growth, saltwater corrosion, and other damaging effects. However, for the ultimate protection, consider a boathouse lift from DECO Boat Lifts.

Long-Lasting Protection for Your Watercraft

DECO Boat Lifts has been a leading lift system manufacturer since 1959, and we offer a range of boathouse lift options to suit your needs and budget. Our boathouse lifts are designed to provide secure, long-lasting protection for your watercraft, no matter what the weather brings.

New Boathouse Lifts

If you don’t currently have a boat lift at your property, DECO Boat Lifts can help you build a new boathouse lift from scratch. We use a custom roof tab application to make the roof a structural part of the lift, providing unparalleled stability. You’ll also get to choose from two of the industry’s best-performing drive systems, including our signature DECO Lift and the advanced Concept CRS Lift.

Retrofitted Boathouse Lifts

If you already have a boat lift in place, DECO Boat Lifts can provide a boathouse lift retrofitting solution. We use custom-welded side brackets to attach a durable roofing system to your existing pilings, providing the protection you need without requiring a complete rebuild.

To learn more about the boathouse lift options available in Gulf Harbor, FL, contact DECO Boat Lifts today. Protect your boat and enhance your waterfront lifestyle.