Protect Your Watercraft with a Custom Boathouse Lift in Fort Pierce, FL

A small v-hull boat inside of a wood boathouse lift.

At DECO Boat Lifts, we are pioneers in the boat lift industry and have been since 1959. For example, we were among the first to use marine-grade aluminum in our boat hoists. We also innovated the box-beam construction to achieve superior durability. We’re always striving to provide our customers with the best possible protection for their boats while making their waterfront lifestyles as enjoyable as possible. Our boathouse lift systems are a great example of how we continue to provide unparalleled value.

Choose From Two Boathouse Lift Drives

With newly constructed boat lifts, we use a custom roof-tab application to securely affix the hip or gable roof, making them a structural part of the boat lift system. Additionally, this option allows you to choose from two of the industry’s best-performing boat hoists for your Fort Pierce, Florida, property. Our DECO Lift is our most popular option, as it provides enduring performance thanks to a proprietary sealed gearbox design.

For a drive system that features the most advanced technology available, you can choose our Concept CRS Lift. Featuring our patented Cable Retention System (CRS), this boat lift will significantly extend the life of your cables by preventing twisting and overlapping. And, with a direct drive that provides unrivaled lifting power without the use of belts, pulleys, or chains, you can count on year after year of trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance required.

Boathouse Lift Retrofitting Options

If you already have a boat lift on your property but would like the upgraded protection of a boathouse lift, we have the perfect solution. Using custom-welded side brackets, we can retrofit a roofing system into your boat lift’s pilings, ensuring complete structural stability.

Learn more about the newly constructed and retrofitted boathouse lift options we offer in Fort Pierce, FL, by contacting DECO Boat Lifts today.