Boathouse Lifts Provide Superior Protection for Watercrafts in Dauphin Island, AL

Boathouse Lifts Dauphin Island AL

As a boat owner, you’re probably well aware of the benefits that a boat lift provides, including protection for the hull and enhanced convenience. However, on Dauphin Island, Alabama, where we experience everything from intense sun to driving rain and strong winds, it’s understandable that you might want some extra protection for your vessel. At DECO Boat Lifts, we offer a boathouse lift system that will defend your boat from above as well as below.

Solutions for Existing Boat Lifts

If you already own a boat lift, you don’t have to start from scratch to enjoy the protection of an integrated roofing system. DECO Boat Lifts offers a boathouse lift solution that can retrofit into your existing system. Our side-mount application attaches to your boat lift’s pilings using custom-welded brackets, ensuring long-lasting structural stability.

Newly Constructed Boathouse Lift Systems

DECO Boat Lifts also offers solutions for waterfront properties without a boat lift. It utilizes a top-mounted application with custom welding and a gable or hip roof that is a structural part of the system.

You’ll enjoy plenty of overhead space, as well as your choice of one of our two advanced drive systems. These include our DECO Lift—the most popular option, thanks to its versatility and best-in-class features, including a sealed gearbox that delivers year after year of quiet, trouble-free performance. We also offer the Concept CRS Lift, which is the industry’s most advanced. Thanks to a direct drive, this boat lift provides exceptional power while requiring minimal maintenance. And, you’ll love our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) that has deeply grooved winders to ensure a perfect wrap and prevent premature cable wear.

Contact the experts at DECO Boat Lifts today for more information about the boathouse lift systems we provide on Dauphin Island, AL.