Boathouse Lifts Provide Superior Protection for Watercrafts in Charleston, SC

A large, empty boathouse lift with other boat lifts in the background.Intense sun. Heavy rain. Extreme weather. These threats may end up damaging your boat if you store it outside at your waterfront property in Charleston, South Carolina. Fortunately, DECO Boat Lifts offers the protection your need. Our boathouse lifts will protect your vessel from the elements by keeping it hoisted out of the water while not in use to prevent the damaging effects of extended saltwater exposure on the hull.

Boathouse Lift Retrofitting

DECO Boat Lifts is committed to offering flexible boat lift building solutions to suit our customers precise needs. For example, if your property already has a cradle boat lift, we can attach a hip or gable roof. Using custom welded side brackets, we ensure the roof is securely affixed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Newly Constructed Boathouse Lifts

By opting for a newly constructed boathouse lift, you’ll get to select from one of our premium boat lifts. Our DECO Lift is a popular option, as it has a proprietary sealed gearbox design that keeps gears bathed in a special lubricant blend, helping to enhance lift performance while reducing noise and maintenance. Or, you can choose the incredibly advanced Concept CRS Lift with a direct drive that doesn’t use chains, belts, or pulleys. This top-of-the-line boat lift also features our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) to prevent premature wear to cables.

Our newly constructed boathouse lifts utilize a custom roof tab application, which makes the roof a structural part of the pilings, thereby maximizing durability.

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If you’re ready to have a boathouse lift built on your waterfront property in Charleston, SC, contact DECO Boat Lifts today to get started.