Newly Constructed & Retrofitted Boathouse Lifts for Waterfront Properties in Bonita Springs, FL

A white boat in a boathouse lift built off a dock.Are you looking for a boat lift that will provide comprehensive protection for your watercraft? A boathouse lift from DECO Boat Lifts—built on your property in Bonita Springs, Florida—is exactly what you need. Our boathouse lifts keep the hull of your vessel protected from organism growth and other issues that stem from extended saltwater exposure. However, they also protect your watercraft from above, shielding it from intense sun, rain, and more.

Choose From Several Options for Your Boathouse Lift

Do you already have a boat lift on your property, but you’d like added protection? DECO Boat Lifts offers boathouse lift retrofitting options. We use custom-welded side brackets to securely attach a hip or gable roof to your lift system’s existing pilings.

Additionally, we offer newly constructed boathouse lifts. We utilize a custom roof tab application to securely affix the roofing system, making it a structural part of the boat lift. Best of all, you can select from two best-in-class boat lift drives.

Our DECO Lift is incredibly popular, as it provides trouble-free performance year after year thanks to proprietary features, such as a sealed gearbox. We also offer a boathouse lift with the industry’s most advanced technology: the Concept CRS Lift. It features a direct drive that achieves unrivaled power without the use of maintenance-intensive belts, pulleys, or chains. Plus, it comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) to always keep cables in place.

Learn More About Having a Boathouse Lift Built on Your Property

DECO Boat Lifts is a leading manufacturer of boathouse lifts and has maintained a reputation for building innovative, durable, and reliable lift systems since 1959. Contact us today to learn more about the boathouse lift options available for your property in Bonita Springs, FL.