Boat Lifts Enhance the Waterfront Lifestyles of Wilmington, NC, Area Residents

Boat Lifts Wilmington NCFor over five decades, DECO Boat Lifts has been the premier designer of lift systems, leading the industry in innovation and customer satisfaction. We were among the first companies to use marine-grade aluminum in the construction of our lifts, which is ideally suited to harsh saltwater environments. So, if you’re a resident of Wilmington, or another waterfront area in North Carolina, and would like to enhance your boating lifestyle while protecting your vessel from saltwater corrosion and organism growth, having one of our boat lifts installed at your property is the perfect solution.

At DECO Boat Lifts, we offer three distinct product lines to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets. These include:

  • The Maxi Lift
  • The DECO Boat Lift
  • The Concept CRS Lift

Our Maxi Lift is an excellent option for casual boaters who would like an affordable way to protect their watercraft. With lift capacities of up to 16,000 lbs, this system can accommodate a wide variety of boats. Plus, with advanced hardware onboard, such as a heavy duty flat plate drive system, you can rely on the Maxi Lift to deliver reliable performance year after year.

Our mid-level lift option, the DECO Boat Lift, offers truly advanced lift technology, including an ultra-safe design due to its self-locking reduction box. And, it is one of the quietest boat lifts on the market, making it easy for you to take early morning or late night excursions without disturbing your neighbors.

If you are interested in owning one of the most advanced boat lifts in the industry, our Concept CRS Lift may be for you. Designed to be completely maintenance-free, this system has numerous features that will save you money and hassle in the long run. For example, it comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) which eliminates the possibility of cable overlapping and bird nesting – a leading cause of cable wear.

If you’d like to learn more about having a boat lift installed at your waterfront property in Wilmington, NC, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.