Our Boat Lifts Protect Watercraft Owners’ Waterfront Lifestyles in Punta Gorda, FL

Boat Lifts Punta Gorda FLSince 1959, DECO Boat Lifts has been an industry leader in the production of advanced boat lift systems. For example, we were among the first companies to use marine-grade aluminum in the construction of our lifts, thereby increasing their durability and longevity in a harsh, saltwater environment. Today, our commitment to innovation remains strong, and we offer multiple lift systems at various price points. So if you’d like to enhance your boating lifestyle in Punta Gorda, Florida, and increase the lifespan of your vessel, turn to DECO Boat Lifts for the ideal solution.

By offering three different boat lifts, DECO makes it easy for you to find one that suits your unique budget and needs. Our lifts include:

  • The Maxi Lift
  • The DECO Boat Lift
  • The Concept CRS Lift

Each of our lifts comes with distinct advantages. For example, our Maxi Lift is exceptionally affordable but still high in quality. It has capacities of up to 16,000 lbs, making it suitable for many different watercrafts. And, it has lower beam spanner pipe supports to help it maintain its structural integrity over many years of heavy use.

With our more advanced DECO Boat Lift, you’ll get our proprietary direct drive that offers powerful, smooth, and quiet operation. Plus, these boat lifts are among the safest the industry has to offer due to the bronze worm gear reduction box which is self locking.

Our Concept CRS Lift includes some of the most advanced technology in the industry. It’s completely maintenance-free design will allow you to spend more time on the water and less time working at the dock. Plus, you’ll save money over the long run because this lift comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) which features deeply grooved winders and a high-density plastic retainer to keep cables from overlapping or spooling, thereby reducing wear.

If you’d like to learn more about having a boat lift installed at your Punta Gorda, FL, property, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.