Boat Lifts Can Extend the Life of Watercrafts in Melbourne, FL

Boat Lifts Melbourne FLBoat lifts provide a superior option to docking a boat in water for watercraft owners in Melbourne, Florida. This is because long-term saltwater immersion can have deleterious effects on a boat’s hull, including organism growth and corrosion. This may not only shorten the lifespan of a vessel, but will result in increased maintenance requirements.

In addition to preventing hull damage, boat lifts provide Melbourne, FL, watersport enthusiasts with a number of other benefits. For example, lift systems:

  • Stop a boat from sinking while docked in the event of a failed bilge pump
  • Will prevent a boat from coming untied and drifting or being impacted by floating debris during inclement weather
  • Allow boat owners to get out on the water with ease
  • Make it easier to perform maintenance tasks while the boat is docked

For the ultimate protection for your vessel, turn to DECO Boat Lifts – the most trusted lift system manufacturer since 1959. Through innovative design, we are able to offer a variety of lifts at different price points to suit nearly any budget, all of which provide hassle-free and reliable lift operation. We also offer lifts in several configurations to suit a range of docking situations. Our Beamless Lift, for example, is a popular option because it features four drive systems to achieve incredible power and has a design free from underwater cabling to reduce wear. Additionally, when this lift is paired with our nearly maintenance-free direct drive Concept CRS Lift, it comes standard with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) to keep cables firmly in place, further reducing wear.

To learn more about the lift systems that DECO Boat Lifts provides in Melbourne, FL, contact us today.