Boat Lifts for Melbourne, FL, Boat Owners from a Top-of-the-Line Manufacturer

Boat Lifts Melbourne FLFor discerning watercraft owners, in Melbourne, Florida, DECO Boat Lifts is the lift system manufacturer of choice. Our premium lifts provide the ultimate protection for boats from sources of damage, such as saltwater corrosion and organism growth. Plus, they make it easier for watersport enthusiasts to maintain their vessels when docked and to hit the water whenever the mood strikes them.

Over the course of more than 50 years, DECO Boat Lifts has developed a comprehensive understanding of what features boat owners in Melbourne, FL, and around the world want in their lift systems. That’s why we offer a range of lift types to suit nearly anyone’s needs and budget. Our lifts include:

  • Our highly affordable Maxi Lift with lift capacities of up to 16,000 lbs.
  • Our popular DECO Lift with a low-maintenance, fully enclosed gearbox
  • Our top-of-the-line Concept CRS Lift with a nearly maintenance-free direct drive system.

Perhaps best of all, DECO Boat Lifts offer these lifts in a range of configurations. For example, our beamless configuration is available in our Maxi Lift and Concept CRS Lift. The innovative design of this lift system allows for no overhead beams, making it easier to move around on your vessel while it’s docked. Plus, the Beamless Lift allows for a cable attachment to your cradle at every piling, so there’s no need for destructive underwater cabling.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Beamless Lift, and other lift configurations, that DECO Boat Lifts offers in Melbourne, FL, contact us today.