What Kind of Boat Lift Do I Need?

Types of Boat LiftsBoat lift systems are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, and determining the best option for you can be an overwhelming experience. However, the type of boat lift you require will be primarily determined by the kind of vessel you have as well as where it will be kept. First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure you find a lift system with the correct capacity. Refer to your watercraft’s manual to learn the dry weight of the vessel, which doesn’t include gas, water for livewells, and other factors. Then, carefully determine how much extra weight there is from non-factory additions and loose items, such as required coast-guard gear, coolers, and fishing equipment. It’s best to choose a lift system with a capacity that exceeds the maximum expected weight of your boat to avoid strain, premature wear, and equipment failure.

After determining the required lift capacity, you’ll need to determine the configuration of the lift system you’ll need. For example, a boat lift for a mono-hull vessel will only require one set of bunk boards, whereas a pontoon boat will require at least two. Another factor to consider is where your lift will be installed. Most boat owners have their lift systems installed on a set of at least four pilings extending out from a dock. However, in areas where pilings can’t be used, such as a narrow canal, you may need to opt for an elevator lift, which can be mounted directly to the seawall.

Additionally, there are many optional upgrades that you can choose from to suit your boating lifestyle. These options range from specialized configurations, such as boat house lifts that include roofing systems, to automation features, such as remote controls enabling you to raise and lower the lift cradle away from the dock.

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