Best-in-Class Boat Lift Systems Available in Tybee Island, GA

A white v-hull boat is held by a cradle boat lift built off of a dock with palm trees in the background.When it comes to manufacturing reliable, powerful, and customizable boat lift systems for properties in Tybee Island, Georgia, no company compares to DECO Boat Lifts. Through decades of innovative engineering, we’ve emerged as an industry leader, offering a wide array of boat lift solutions to meet any watercraft owner’s needs.

The Benefits of a Boat Lift

With a boat lift from DECO Boat Lifts, you’ll enjoy year after year of enhanced protection and convenience. No longer will you have to perform tedious upkeep to stop saltwater corrosion and organism growth from deteriorating the hull of your vessel. And, getting out on the water will be as simple as pressing a button.

Boat Lift Options

DECO Boat Lifts makes it easy to find the right option for your property and watercraft. For example, our boat lifts are available with three distinct drive systems. Our Maxi Lift, despite being highly affordable, can hoist up to 16,000 lbs. thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum flat plate drive. And, our DECO Lift features a sealed gearbox design, keeping key components well lubricated to provide enhanced reliability and quieter lift operation. We also offer the industry’s most advanced boat lift—the Concept CRS. Featuring our patented Cable Retention System (CRS), this boat lift prevents destructive cable overlapping and spooling.

In addition to several drive systems, our boat lifts are also available in a variety of configurations to work with nearly any property. For a powerful option that is free of underwater cabling and overhead beams, our Beamless Lift is the right choice. Or, if your property can’t support the pilings needed for a cradle boat lift, choose our boat elevator, as it can be mounted on just one side. And, if you’re looking to defend your vessel from the elements, such as intense UV rays and rain, our boathouse lift is ideal.

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