Reliable Boat Lift Systems for Waterfront Properties in Surf City, NC

Boat Lift Surf City NCStoring your watercraft on a boat lift at your property in Surf City, North Carolina, is superior to other storage methods in every way. When compared to storing your vessel at a lot, a boat lift is more convenient, as it allows you to enjoy a day on the water without having to worry about the tedious task of driving your boat back and forth on a trailer. Boat lifts also offer protection from corrosion and organism growth that can result from extended saltwater exposure – a common problem among boats that are stored in the water.

If you’ve decided to have a boat lift installed at your property, turn to DECO Boat lifts to ensure you receive the best value for your investment. With more than 50 years of experience manufacturing top-tier lift systems, you can rest assured we’ll provide a system that meets your needs and provides long-lasting performance.

A Variety of Drive Systems and Configurations

The lift systems that DECO Boat Lifts manufacturers are available with several drive systems to meet the needs and budgets of virtually any watercraft owner. For example, our entry-level Maxi Lift is highly affordable and capable of hoisting up to 16,000 lbs., while our popular DECO Lift features exceptionally reliable, long-lasting, and quiet lift operation thanks to its proprietary sealed gearbox design. We also offer the Concept CRS Lift that comes standard with the industry’s most advanced technology, including our patented Cable Retention System (CRS). This boat lift innovation keeps cables firmly in place to prevent overlapping, significantly reducing wear.

Additionally, our boathouse lifts are available in a range of configurations to work with many different docking scenarios. Our Beamless Lift is a popular choice, as it has no overhead beams and is free of underwater cabling to further reduce wear and the need for replacement parts. And, we offer an elevator lift that can be mounted directly to the seawall – the perfect solution for properties where pilings can’t be used.

For more information about the boat lift systems that we offer in Surf City, NC, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.