Boat Lift Solutions for Palm Coast, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra, and Many Other Coastal Communities

boat lift St. AugustineTo find the ideal boat lift for your home, waterfront business, or marina in Northeast Florida, you need only turn to your local DECO Boat Lifts dealer. There you’ll not only find a professional dock builder that can provide all the services you need, but also information on our many exceptional boat lift systems. Our systems’ designs have been refined over decades to ensure they provide the best performance possible.

We offer options to suit virtually any budget, so even if you were considering davits or another simple docking system, you may be surprised at how affordable our systems can be in comparison. Our entry level Maxi line includes several types of lifts suitable for a variety of docking spaces, incorporates durable components like stainless steel cables and marine-grade aluminum I-beam cradles, and comes at a price point that is hard to beat. Our standard DECO boat lifts incorporate features like a proprietary gearbox and superior box-beam cradle construction, providing faster, quieter, and more stable performance with very little maintenance requirements. And for a truly top-of-the-line boat lift, our Concept CRS lifts include our maintenance-free Concept direct-dive motors and our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) that creates a perfect wrap every time for maximum cable life.

In addition to standard boat lift designs, we offer many specialized systems under these lines, including:

  • Sailboat lifts
  • Catamaran lifts
  • Pontoon boat lifts
  • Beamless lifts
  • Shared piling lifts
  • Boathouse lifts
  • Boat elevator systems
  • And more

To find out more about the boat lift systems we offer in Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Palm Coast and other coastal communities, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.