Boat Lift Systems for Residents of Seabrook, TX; Houston, TX; and All Nearby Communities

boat lift Seabrook, TXAny boater with waterfront property in Seabrook or Houston, TX, who is in need of a reliable boat lift will find that DECO Boat Lifts can supply the ideal system to suit their unique needs. We have been building high-quality boat lift systems since 1959, which has helped us gain the experience required to create durable, fast, and quiet lifts to fit any vessel or docking space. We offer products in a range of different lines at prices to fit nearly any budget, so you can rest assured DECO can provide a boat lift solution that’s perfect for helping you enjoy your boating lifestyle without making you break the bank.

Our boat lifts come in three lines, Maxi, DECO, and Concept CRS. All of them feature stainless steel cables and hardware along with marine-grade aluminum cradles, so they can endure years of exposure to the elements. Our DECO lifts feature our innovative sealed gearbox system, which make our lifts operate more quickly and quietly than nearly any other on the market. This gearbox is also self-locking, making DECO lifts the safest option around. For boaters interested in getting a top-of-the-line system, we offer our advanced Concept CRS line. This features our Concept Direct Drive system and innovative Cable Retention System (CRS) combined with a number of stainless steel components to create a virtually maintenance-free boat lift that out performs nearly any other option on the market.

In addition to our standard boat lift systems, we also create many other specialty models, including:

  • Platform lifts
  • Cantilever lifts
  • Beamless lifts
  • Shared piling lifts
  • Boat house lifts
  • PWC lifts
  • And many more

For more information about the boat lift systems we offer to residents of Seabrook, Houston, and other Texas cities, contact us today.