A DECO Boat Lift Can Protect Your Vessel in Savannah, Hilton Head, Beaufort, and all Nearby Communities

Boat lift systems can help boaters keep their vessels protected from the many types of damage that can be sustained by docking in the water. For residents in communities like Hilton Head, Savannah and Beaufort where boating is a major pastime, boat lifts are often some of the most important investments waterfront residents will make in their properties. Here at DECO Boat Lifts, we produce systems that can support a wide range of vessels in many different environments and offer models that include the best available features at every price point.

As one of the earliest manufacturers of dock boat lift systems, DECO has developed a number of innovative features that ensure our boat hoists deliver superior performance. One of our first advances was our DECO gearbox, which incorporates self-locking gears for safety and is permanently sealed in lubricants to minimize maintenance requirements. This provides the smoothest and quietest operations of any belt drive used in the industry, and ensures your boat lift will continue to function year after year. We’ve also created Concept Direct Drive gearboxes, which completely eliminates belts, and pulleys to create the ultimate fast, maintenance-free drive.

In addition to these high-performance drives, our boat lift systems can include a number of other outstanding features, such as:

  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel cables, drive pipes, nuts, and bolts
  • Aluminum box beam cradles that provide bi-directional support
  • Sealed, marine-grade motors
  • Our patented Cable Retention System that provides a perfect wrap every time
  • Beamless, elevator, shared-piling, boat house, or deck lift  configurations

For more information on the many different boat lift options DECO offers to residents of Savannah, Hilton Head, Beaufort and all nearby cities, contact us today. We also provide lift systems for commercial marinas and ports.