Have a Boat Lift Installed at Your Property in Pompano Beach, or Any Other Waterfront Area in FL

Boat Lift Pompano Beach FLHaving a boat lift system installed at your waterfront property in Pompano Beach or another area in Florida is one of the best investments you can make in your boating lifestyle. Not only will it increase the longevity of your vessel by protecting it from the corrosive effects of saltwater, but also make it more convenient for you to hit the waves at any time, day or night.

For a boat lift system that is ideally suited to your lifestyle, turn to DECO Boat Lifts. We have been a leader in the industry since 1959 due to our continuous innovations to lift technology. We bring premium lifts to water-sport enthusiasts with a wide range of vessels and offer options to suit many different budgets. We offer three major product lines, beginning with our Maxi Lift. Although this is our most affordable option, it doesn’t sacrifice durability or reliability. This boat lift has an all-aluminum construction that is perfectly suited to harsh marine environments. It also has a capacity of up to 16,000 lbs and an aluminum flat plate drive system designed for a marine environment, making it an excellent entry-level option.

If you’d like a system with more advanced technology onboard, our DECO Boat Lift might be right for you. This lift comes standard with our proprietary DECO Belt Drive, which features smooth, quiet operation for convenient early-morning or nighttime departures that won’t disturb the neighbors. Or you might want to consider our most advanced lift – the Concept CRS. This boat lift is packed with impressive features, including an industry-leading lift speed of up to 4ft/min., and our patented Cable Retention System (CRS), which eliminates instances of cable overlapping, a major source of cable wear, due to its deeply grooved winders and durable plastic retainer.

What’s more, DECO Boat Lifts can even engineer specialty lift designs in the event that your dock presents a particular challenge. These include:

  • Boat elevators
  • Beamless lifts
  • Shared piling lifts
  • And more

If you’d like to learn more about the premium boat lift systems that we provide to the residents of Pompano Beach and other cities in FL, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.