DECO Boat Lift Parts are Designed and Built to Minimize Maintenance for our Clients

boat lift partsBoat lift parts need to endure in some of the most punishing environments, making it essential for boat lift manufacturers to put careful thought into their system components. DECO Boat Lifts has been producing innovative boat lifts since 1959, choosing durable materials and developing effective lift designs that help keep our products running year after year with minimal maintenance. We craft each component with care and precision to ensure that it provides superior performance as well, allowing our lifts to run faster, longer, and quieter than any competitors’ model.

For example, our company was one of the first boat lift manufacturers to adopt marine-grade aluminum for cradles in the 1970. Compared to steel, this material is lighter, leading to less strain on cables, motors, and upper beams. It also resists corrosion more effectively, so it can stand up to repeated immersions without losing strength. While aluminum I-beams are now standard for most boat lift cradles, we’ve continued to stay ahead of the trend by building cradles with box-beam construction. This design provides greater structural integrity and bi-directional support to prevent twisting, which can prematurely wear cables. This pairs ideally with our patented Cable Retention System (CRS), which is available on most models. The CRS system has a deeply-grooved cable winder that pairs with a durable plastic retaining guide, so cables wrap perfectly each time with no overlapping or spooling. This further extends the operational life of boat lift cables, which are among the most commonly replaced boat lift parts.

DECO Boat Lifts also offers innovative drive systems, which help our boat lifts operate swiftly and silently. Our proprietary DECO Drive includes an innovative gearbox that fully seals drive gears in a permanent oil bath to keep them turning freely without contamination. These gearboxes also have a durable bronze worm gear reduction system that’s self-locking for the ultimate in boat-lift safety. Our Concept Direct Drive systems eliminate all belts and chains to lower maintenance requirements even more, while still providing outstanding lift power for fast, smooth boat lift operations.

For more information on the innovative boat lift parts we use and receive a quote from one of our network of dealers in your area, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.