Superior Boat Lift Systems for Residents of Charlotte and Mt. Pleasant, SC

Having a reliable boat lift system is a must for those who love to play on the water in Charlotte and Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. A good lift helps to protect your boat from the corrosive effects of sea water and makes it less vulnerable to damage from collisions with floating debris or a dock while in port. In fact, finding the right lift can go a long way toward extending the life of your boat. Fortunately, you’ve found DECO Boat Lifts. With more than 50 years experience manufacturing and innovating premium boat lift systems, we have solutions suitable for watercraft of virtually every type and size on the market.

We’re proud to offer three different lines of boat lift systems, allowing all of our customers to find the lift that works best for them at an affordable price. The systems we offer to residents of Charlotte and Mt. Pleasant, SC, include many features, such as:

  • Maxi
    • Marine-grade aluminum, double-channel uppers and I-Beam lowers
    • Grooved cable winders
    • Heavy-duty aluminum flat plate drive system
    • Much more
  • DECO
    • Aluminum box beam cradle
    • DECO drive, self-locking angled gear box
    • Four-chock bunking system
    • Much more
  • Concept CRS
    • Advanced Concept direct drive system
    • Stainless steel motors
    • Patented Cable Retention System (CRS)
    • Much more

The standard features of our boat lift systems are representative of our company’s high degree of engineering skill and innovation, which have helped us become a leader in the industry. We also offer additional equipment, such as remote control systems and aluminum walkways. With DECO Boat Lifts, life at the dock is as easy as life at sea.

Contact us today and learn more about how to get an affordable boat lift system in Charlotte, Mt. Pleasant, and other areas in SC.