Boat Lift Systems with Quality Motors for Residents of Tampa, FL; New Orleans, LA; Savannah, GA; Houston, TX and All Cities In Between

When choosing a boat lift, its motors are one of the most important considerations. If they fail, you could be stuck with your boat exposed to the sea or, even worse, unable to hit the water. At DECO Boat Lifts, we build our systems with a variety of high-quality motors that can ensure reliable, long-term lift operation.

On our entry-level Maxi models, each motor is given a protective cover to protect from salt spray and contaminates. Our most popular lift line, DECO lifts come with fully sealed motors that are specially designed for the marine environment. And, our state-of-the-art Concept CRS lifts have exceptionally durable stainless steel motors that can withstand even the harshest conditions while still providing outstanding performance.

Our boat lift motors are only part of what makes our boat lift and dock products more durable and reliable than other boat lift systems. Other outstanding features you can enjoy on our boat lifts include:

  • DECO’s proprietary gearbox, which never requires maintenance and has a self-locking design for the ultimate in safety
  • Our Concept Direct Drive gearbox which eliminate belts and chains to provide fast, whisper-quiet operations
  • Patented Cable Retention System (CRS) which maximizes cable life by ensuring a perfect wrap every time
  •  Aluminum cradles with a box beam design that provides bi-directional support
  • Stainless steel pipes, cables and hardware that can withstand marine environments
  • And more

For more information on our boat lift motors and the other high-quality components of our systems, contact us today. Our company is proud to offer residential and marina boat lift systems in Miami, FL; Charleston, SC; Panama City, FL; Biloxi, MS and all cities in between.