How to Maintain a Boat Lift?

Boat Lift MaintenanceA boat lift is an excellent investment in any boat owner’s waterfront lifestyle, as it protects a vessel against hull damage and makes departures and docking a much easier and more convenient experience. However, making the most of your lift system and ensuring it provides reliable performance year after year requires that you properly maintain it. The exact maintenance requirements of a boat lift will vary depending on the system you purchase, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Generally, there are a few things that most boat lifts need to continue providing optimal performance.

First and foremost, you should routinely inspect your boat lift. If you notice any signs of damage or wear, such as frayed cables, it’s best to call a professional repair technician to see if these components need to be replaced. There are also ways to cut down on the frequency of such replacements. For example, pay close attention to your lift systems’ weight limit and don’t exceed it. You should also avoid people getting off and on the boat while it is on the lift, as these shocks can put unnecessary strain on your cables.

Additionally, avoid submerging components of your boat lift for extended periods of time and rinse the lift system off occasionally, as this will help prevent corrosion. And, of course, use a type of marine-grade lubricant on components as recommended by the manufacturer.

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