Boat Lift Maintenance Tips

Boat Lift Maintenance Ft. MyersHaving a boat lift installed at your waterfront property in Ft. Myers, Florida, is the best way to protect your vessel from the corrosive effects of extended saltwater exposure. It also makes enjoying time out on the water as convenient as possible. If you’ve made this investment in your boating lifestyle, you’re likely enjoying all the benefits that a boat lift provides; however, it is important to ensure you properly maintain your lift system. Routine maintenance is simple and will spare you numerous headaches and costs in the future.

Although your boat lift will be made of a material that resists saltwater corrosion, it is best to avoid leaving components submerged for long periods of time. For example, it is best practice to raise the cradle of your boat lift before departing the dock and only lower it once you’ve returned. A quick rinse with freshwater after each use should be enough to prevent the deleterious effects of saltwater. Another way that you can extend the life of your lift system is to carefully observe the manufacturer specifications. Be sure to park your boat correctly on the lift to avoid imbalances that can cause wear and tear. Additionally, don’t exceed the maximum weight capacity, as this can put strain on the cradle and cables.

Even if you carefully maintain your boat lift, certain components will eventually need to be replaced. Use marine-grade lubricant as directed by the manufacturer to extend the life of these components; however, you should also thoroughly inspect your lift on a regular basis. If you notice signs of wear, such as fraying cables, it is recommended that you hire an experienced professional to replace them rather than attempt to handle the project yourself.

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