Boat Lift Maintenance Tips for Watercraft Owners in Cape Coral, FL

Boat Lift Maintenance Tips Cape Coral FLA boat lift not only saves you money by protecting your watercraft from damage, but it also makes it much more convenient for you to enjoy your boat. No longer will you have to trailer your vessel and drive it to storage after a day on the water in Cape Coral, Florida, or have organism growth on your hull professionally cleaned. However, having a boat lift doesn’t eliminate maintenance altogether. To make the most of your lift system and prevent unforeseen expenses, there are some easy steps you can take.

Regularly inspecting your boat lift is critical to ensuring you catch any potential problems before they result in an equipment failure or become more costly to fix. If you spot any signs of wear, such as frayed cables, contact an experienced repair professional rather than try to handle the project yourself. To prevent premature wear to your lift system’s components, you should always adhere to the manufacturer specifications for your lift system. Ensure weight is distributed correctly from front to back when parking your vessel and don’t exceed the maximum weight capacity. Also, to prevent strain to your cables and cradle, have people board after the watercraft has been lowered into the water and not while it is hoisted on the lift.

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