How Much Does it Cost to Install a Boat Lift?

Boat Lift Installation CostIf you’re trying to decide if a boat lift is the best solution for storing your vessel, then you’re likely trying to determine how much it will cost. There’s no simple or single answer, as a wide range of factors contribute to determining the cost of a lift system. The type, size, and configuration of the lift are among the most significant factors. Typically, the larger your vessel, the more the lift will cost.

There are many other factors that affect the cost of a boat lift as well. For example, there are numerous models available, with entry-level lifts offering greater affordability than more advanced systems with extra features. You’ll also have add-on options, such as remote control units, that impact price. Another major factor is how much additional construction is needed to install the lift system. If you own a dock, you will need a set of 4 pilings dedicated for the lift, and this will spare you the cost of having to build the dock from scratch.

Another way to think about the price of installing a boat lift is the cost savings and hassle it can save you over time. Not only will a lift system prevent you from having to rent space at a boatyard, it will protect your vessel from saltwater corrosion, organism growth, and other sources of damage – all of which can be costly to repair.

To learn more about the cost of installing a boat lift for your vessel and property, contact DECO Boat Lifts today. We can help pair you with one of our experienced, licensed, and insured dock builders who will help you to determine the best boat lift for your needs and budget.