How High Should a Boat Lift Be?

Boat Lift HeightThere are many different factors to take into account to ensure your boat lift is properly installed on your waterfront property. Among the most important factors are the style and weight of your vessel. Ensuring you have a lift with the appropriate capacity that is designed to accommodate your type of boat, whether it’s a V-hull, pontoon boat, or any other style, is critical to ensuring long-lasting performance. A less frequently but equally important factor is the height above the waterline that your boat should rest while it is on the lift.

The height that your lift system should hoist your vessel should be outlined in the manufacturer specifications. However, the exact number will often vary. The purpose of your lift system is to prevent your hull from coming into contact with water for extended periods while it is not in use. Therefore, the height your lift will be installed at will depend on the local water conditions. On calm waters, the lift system can be lower than in areas where rough waters are a routine occurrence.

At DECO Boat Lifts, we build a wide range of lift systems to meet the varied needs of our customers. Whether your lift is being installed on a small, calm lake or on the Atlantic coast where storm surge and choppy waters are common, we have the ideal solution. Contact us today for more information.