Boathouses Are the Boat Lift Covers That Provide the Highest Level of Protection for Your Vessel

Boat Lift CoversBoathouses are the best style of boat lift covers, making them a wise investment for any watercraft owner who wants the ultimate protection for their vessel. As one of the leading manufacturers of products that defend boats against the punishing effects of coastal environments, DECO Boat Lifts is the best source for top-of-the-line boathouses. Our systems combine our world-class lifts with a superbly engineered roof to prevent our clients’ boats from being exposed to salt waves, driving rain, damaging hail, punishing sun, and the rest of the elements.

The boat lift covers that DECO builds, like our lifts, are made of marine-grade aluminum, which has many advantages over the wood used by many other companies. First and foremost, aluminum is sturdier and better suited to endure the corrosive effects of a waterfront environment. Available in both hip and gable roof options, you can choose the model that looks stylish on your dock, and you can expect its beauty to last, as it won’t rot or warp like a wooden one. What’s more, the design of our aluminum boat lift covers, with cross supports and aluminum trusses, provides a wide clearance area, making it easy to get on and off of you boat.

If you already have a boathouse system in place, but would like to add a DECO Boat Lift to increase the protection it provides to your vessel, we have the perfect solution for you as well. Using custom-welded roof tabs and side-mount brackets, we can build your lift so that it fits perfectly your existing boathouse. The elegance of this design has a number of advantages. For example, the simple installation process cuts down on costs, making our lifts available to boat owners with a wide range of budgets. And, because our lifts are custom-fitted, the overall structure will be strong and provide long-lasting protection to your vessel.

If you’d like to learn more about why DECO boathouses are the best kind of boat lift covers available, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.