Have a Boat Lift with Premium Features Installed at Your Property in Apollo Beach, FL

Boat Lift Apollo Beach FLThere are many benefits to having a boat lift installed on your waterfront property in Apollo Beach, Florida, and first among them is the protection it offers your vessel. When docking your boat in the water, the hull below the waterline will be susceptible to damage from saltwater corrosion and organism growth. Plus, your watercraft may come untied and drift during periods of inclement weather, or even sink if the bilge pump fails. A boat lift will solve these problems, increasing the longevity of your vessel and providing you with peace of mind.

Of course, not all boat lift systems are equal. To receive the maximum value for your investment, consider the following factors before choosing a lift to have installed at your property in Apollo Beach, FL:

  • Durability – Boat lifts must be able to hold heavy loads, so it is important to make sure it is built with premium materials that won’t deteriorate in a harsh marine environment.
  • Reliability – Frequently hoisting thousands of pounds requires precise engineering. Sub-par drive systems will require frequent maintenance and replacement parts that may offset the benefits of having a boat lift.

At DECO Boat Lifts, we’re proud to offer the most reliable and long-lasting lift systems available in the industry. Made of marine-grade aluminum, our lifts are ideally suited to a saltwater environment. We also utilize advanced technology in our lifts to achieve superior lift operation. For example, our Concept CRS Lift has a nearly maintenance-free direct drive and features our patented Cable Retention System (CRS) that keeps cables firmly in place at all times, thereby reducing wear.

Additionally, we offer a range of boat lift configurations to suit a variety of specific requirements. Our Beamless Lift, for example, features four drives and has a design that is free of underwater cabling to further reduce wear and the need for replacement parts. Plus, it’s free of overhead beams, which makes it easy to move about the vessel while it is docked.

If you’d like to learn more about the boat lift systems we offer in Apollo Beach, FL, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.