Boat Lift Accessories from DECO Boat Lifts Make It Easier to Access Your Vessel

Boat Lift AccessoriesBoat lift accessories are a small investment that can dramatically improve your boating lifestyle. Accordingly, DECO Boat Lifts offers a variety of world-class accessories to not only make it more convenient to board your vessel, but also many to make working on your boat a safer and easier experience.

At DECO, we offer a wide variety of accessories to suit the unique needs of virtually any watercraft owner. Among our most popular add-on options are our walkways and steps. Just like our innovative boat lifts, these are composed of a sturdy, marine-grade aluminum alloy that is perfectly suited to withstand heavy use and the corrosive effects of a saltwater environment. They serve to bridge the gap between the dock and your vessel, making it easy for you and your family to safely get on and off your boat.

Additionally, we offer boat lift accessories that make it much easier to access the exterior of your vessel for repairs and maintenance. For example, our stern platform gives you a wide, sturdy area from which you can reach your prop units. We also offer dual walkways that make it simple and safe for you to access your boat’s hull for cleaning, waxing, and other routine tasks.

In addition to offering add-ons that make it easier to access all parts of your watercraft, DECO also offers boat lift accessories that make operating your lift much simpler. By adding one of our remote controls, you can ensure a longer life for your lift. That’s because the ability to raise or lower your lift from a distance allows you to keep it out of the water after you’ve left the dock, sparing the cradles and cables the strain of being jostled by currents for hours on end. A remote control also makes for a more convenient boating experience – you won’t need to worry about changing tides, as you can adjust your lift to the perfect position when you come in to dock.

If you’d like to learn more about how our boat lift accessories can help improve your boating lifestyle, contact DECO Boat Lifts today.