A Boat House Lift Provides the Ultimate Protection for Your Vessel in Dauphin Island, AL

Boat House Lift Dauphin Island ALWhether you have a permanent residence or vacation property on Dauphin Island, Alabama, owning a watercraft is the perfect way to make the most of the experience. If you’ve invested in a waterfront lifestyle, it makes sense that you’d want to protect it, and that’s exactly what a boat house lift from DECO Boat Lifts will do. One of our boat house lifts will not only keep your vessel hoisted out of the water when it’s not in use, protecting it from saltwater corrosion and organism growth, but it will also shield it from the elements, including harsh sun and driving rain.

Customized to Your Property

To accommodate your specific docking scenario, DECO Boat Lifts offers boat house lift systems that can be built from scratch or integrated seamlessly into your existing lift system. For retrofitting, we offer a side-mount application using custom-welded brackets to ensure exceptional structural stability.

Additionally, our boat house lifts come with two distinct drive systems, allowing you to choose the option that works best for your vessel and budget. Our signature DECO Lift is a popular option thanks to its proprietary sealed gearbox, which delivers whisper-quiet and reliable operation. We also offer the exceptional Concept CRS Lift. Featuring a powerful direct drive system as well as our patented Cable Retention System (CRS), this drive delivers incredible lifting power with little maintenance required.

For more information about the benefits of having a boat house lift from DECO Boat Lifts built on your property in Dauphin Island, AL, contact us today.