Premium Boat Hoist Systems Available to Watercraft Owners in Kemah, TX

Boat Hoist Kemah TXThe leading boat hoist manufacturer for waterfront properties in Kemah, Texas, is DECO Boat Lifts. Since 1959, we have helped countless boat owners protect their vessels from damaging saltwater corrosion and organism growth by providing lift systems that suit their specific needs and budgets. For example, customers in need of a highly affordable boat lift that will deliver reliable operation year after year can choose our Maxi Lift that has a heavy duty aluminum flat plate drive system. Our popular DECO Lift is also an excellent option, as it has a proprietary gearbox design that keeps gears fully enclosed in our specialized lubricant blend to achieve unrivaled reliability.

For boat owners in Kemah, TX, who would like a boat hoist that features the most advanced technology the industry has to offer, our Concept CRS Lift is the ideal choice. Featuring our patented Cable Retention System (CRS), this lift puts an end to destructive cable overlapping. Plus, it has a direct drive system, achieving incredible lifting power with minimal maintenance required.

In addition to offering a range of drive systems, DECO Boat Lifts also offers several boat hoist configurations to suit many different docking scenarios. Our Beamless Lift is among our most popular options because it provides outstanding power and reliability. Plus, it is designed to not require underwater cabling, helping to further reduce wear.

No matter what boat hoist you choose for your property, you can rest assured that it will be exceptionally durable. All of our lift systems feature:

  • A construction from marine-grade aluminum – the ideal choice for saltwater environments
  • An extremely secure thru-bolted connection, which is superior to the lag bolting used by other companies
  • Stainless steel hardware throughout the boat lift

For more information about the boat hoist systems that DECO Boat Lifts provides in Kemah, TX, contact us today.