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Boat Hoist Galveston TXDECO Boat Lifts has been manufacturing boat hoists since 1959 and has maintained a reputation for developing innovative technology and reliable lift systems. In fact, we pioneered many of the features that are standard on boat lifts today, such as the use of marine-grade aluminum. We continue to amaze our customers in Galveston, Texas, and beyond by delivering a wide array of boat hoist systems featuring best-in-class technology and industry-leading performance.

Choose Your Drive System

Are you a weekend recreationalist looking for an affordable option for your small V-hull vessel? Are you a seasoned captain in need of a heavy-duty boat hoist for your charter boat? No matter what kind of watercraft you own, we have the solution. Our boat hoist drive systems include:

  • Maxi Lift – A heavy-duty aluminum flat plate drive allows you to enjoy powerful and reliable lift performance at an exceptionally affordable price.
  • DECO Lift – Our signature boat hoist has proprietary features, such as a sealed gearbox design to enhance reliability and reduce maintenance.
  • Concept CRS Lift – A direct drive delivers industry-leading lift performance without belts, pulleys, or chains. This boat hoist also features our patented Cable Retention System to prevent destructive cable overlapping.

Choose Your Boat Hoist Configuration

We offer standard cradle boat lifts as well as many specialized styles to suit your boat and property. Our Beamless Lift, for instance, is a popular choice because it features four drive systems to achieve incredibly powerful lift operation as well as a design that is free of underwater cabling. We also offer boathouse lifts, with roofing systems that can be retrofitted into an existing boat hoist or built as a structural part of a new system. And, for tricky docking situations, we can provide a boat elevator, that can be mounted to the seawall or a single set of pilings.

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